Noise Dosimetry Webinar On Demand

Noise dosimetry is a method used to measure and evaluate an individual’s exposure to noise over a specific period, typically during a working day. It involves the use of a device called a noise dosimeter, which is worn by the individual being monitored. The dosimeter continuously measures and records the noise levels experienced by the wearer throughout their workday.

Noise dosimetry provides a more accurate representation of an individual’s actual noise exposure than traditional stationary noise measurements, because it accounts for variations in noise levels that occur as people move during their working day. This method of monitoring is particularly useful in industries where workers are exposed to fluctuating noise levels, such as manufacturing, construction, and aviation.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 are a set of regulations in the United Kingdom that require employers to prevent or reduce risks to their employee’s health and safety from exposure to noise at work. The regulations require employers to carry out risk assessments to determine the level of noise exposure in the workplace, take appropriate action to control the exposure and provide training and information to their employees. The regulations set out specific exposure limits and action values, which determine the level of risk and the necessary actions to be taken. The regulations also require employers to take a ‘buy quiet’ approach, where possible, and maintain machinery and noise-control equipment. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in enforcement action, including fines and prosecution.

In this on demand webinar, the Svantek team cover in length topics such as best practices that should be followed when performing noise dosimetry measurements. The current standards and regulations in place in the UK. Along with the importance of pre & post measurement calibration, with advice on using a suitable calibrator. The team will also dive into how you can use the Svantek software, Supervisor for post processing and data validation. This webinar is designed to be informative, providing viewers with actionable help and guidance that they can use in their health & safety roles.

Watch the webinar on demand.

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