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AcSoft and Svantek UK are leaders in noise, air quality and vibration instrumentation. Our mission is to provide you with solutions for health and safety monitoring that will save you both time and money.

AcSoft have been in business 28+ years, which means you can rely on us to support you throughout your health and safety monitoring projects with products from leading manufacturers.

Our comprehensive range is made up of sound level meters, noise dosimeters, vibration dosimeters, personal air sampling pumps and more, which have all been designed with health and safety professionals in mind.


AcSoft’s in house air conditioned, purpose-built laboratory, works on many makes and models of sound and vibration instrumentation. Offering a fast turnaround and convenient returns service.

All our calibrations are fully traceable to national and international standards. This means all our reference equipment receives annual re-calibration from sources that can be traced all the way up to metrological institutes and to the original International System of Units.

We also offer calibration contracts, which means by signing up to this you are guaranteed to get our best pricing. As part of this service, we will request the serial numbers of all your kit so that we can send you email reminders to notify you when your equipment is due its next calibration.

Find out more about our calibration service.


As a customer of ours you will benefit from our excellent in house support services, which means we are only at the end of the phone to answer any questions and provide guidance.


All our kit is ‘bench tested’ at our office before being shipped to you. This means we run multiple measurements on all new kit to make sure it is working as expected and giving results as per the standards.

We also complete a spot calibration for noise and vibration equipment. This is in addition to laboratory calibrations undertaken at the factory.

If there is a problem within the first few weeks of receiving a product, we will outright replace it with a new model.

As part of the normal warranty procedure, we will book a faulty system into our workshop immediately and generate a case number. We will be back in touch within 24 hours of receiving the equipment, to update you as to what we plan to do with the equipment.

For example, if the  Svantek equipment can be repaired in our UK workshop, we will keep you updated and endeavour to have the kit back to you within a week.
We may need to send the Svantek equipment back to Poland. In this case we will offer a loan unit as a replacement whilst we investigate further.  Our main aim is to ensure that you are able to complete your monitoring with little to no interruptions!

The warranty period is 3 years on all Svantek kit and 1 year for all the other kit on the website that is not Svantek.

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