WBGT Heat Stress Monitor

WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature) index, also known as wet bulb black ball temperature, is a basic parameter unit (℃) for comprehensive evaluation of thermal load in human contact working environment.  The WBGT Heat Stress Monitor considers air temperature, wind speed, air humidity and radiation heat comprehensively. This method can be conveniently applied in the industrial environment to evaluate the thermal intensity of the environment.



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The JT2011- E2 and JT2013-E2 WBGT are high-precision thermal index measuring instruments. They measure air temperature, wet bulb temperature, radiation temperature and humidity at the same time. JT2011-E2 uses high-precision temperature and humidity sensor and equipped with the standard of 50mm and 150mm black globe. It fully meets the ISO, ACGIH and relevant national standards. JT2011-E2 uses conventional water-adding wet-bulb temperature sensor to directly measure wet-bulb temperature. JT2011-E2 can display the air temperature, wet bulb temperature, radiation temperature and humidity in real time and can be configured with 50mm or 150 mm black globe to ensure the test requirements of different use scenarios. RS485 communication interface can easily access your industrial control equipment or control devices, also can be used to download and analysis measurement data by JTSOFT-DM software


  • Sensor bank and fuselage split design easy to replace the sensor bank
  • Built-in relative humidity sensor measures air relative humidity in real time
  • LCD screens with backlights are easy to read
  • The solid integrated fuselage has certain dust-proof, water-proof and fall-proof functions
  • Three expandable sensor channels for rapid gradient measurement
  • Replaceable 50mm and 150mm black ball, suitable for a variety of occasions
  • Chinese/English menu options
  • The user can calibrate the sensor by himself using the calibration device
  • Optional water type (JT2011) and free water type (JT2013) two specifications

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JT2011-E2, JT2011-E2_3, JT2013-E2, JT2013-E2_3

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