Go-Cal Pro Air Flow Calibrator

Calibrate air sampling pumps to set & verify flow rates with complete confidence – anywhere you work. Lightweight and easy to operate, the Go-Cal Pro is the must-have precision flow meter for occupational environmental health & safety professionals.


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The Go-Cal Pro Air Flow Calibrator simplifies air sampling equipment flow rate calibration.


• Small, lightweight, durable design, and no moving parts
•  Hand held ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and perform data entry
•  Charges with a standard USB-C cable

Easy to Use

•  Easy to setup (just connect tubing and start pump)
•  Fast stabilisation – gives instantaneous reading
•  Large Color Touch Screen Display
•  Averages flow over user selected time
•  Customisation of local languages and preferred units of measure
•  Bluetooth® Communications Options (coming soon)

Sampling Integrity

•  Creates digital traceability which ties sampling chain together
•  Flow Verification Event Storage
•  Flow Meter report provides event information and information about the flow meter being utilised (i.e. serial number, date of last calibration)

Advanced Calibration Technologies

•  Ability to select Sample Periods
•  The user may select a specific sample time to be averaged
•  Internal sensors standardise flow rates using reference temperatures and pressures (STP)
•  STP-corrected flow rates facilitate data comparison across different environmental conditions, eliminating the need for external calculations
•  Users can set corrected temperature and pressure values according to various standards
•  On board computing can data log the calibration events and perform statistical analysis on the deviations between readings
•  Users can define statistical parameters for percent deviation over the sample period
•  Improved user interface capabilities with full touch screen keyboards for completing data input, and user defined fields for maintaining sample integrity
•  Displayed date of last calibration, serial numbers, and reminders for next calibration due date
•  Calibrators can generate printable calibration reports that include sample information, saved instrument settings, and sample flow rate results

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