SV 110 Vibration Calibrator

The SV 110 is a hand-held vibration calibrator designed for verification of machine sensors as well as on-site checks of human vibration accelerometers in accordance with ISO 8041. The SV 110 comes with a carry case.



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The small size of SV 110 enables easy checks of sensors at the machines. Depending on the selected frequency user may select level of calibration from1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2. Accelerometers are conveniently attached using mounting stud, mounting disc or dedicated adapter.

The calibrator menu provides selection between both metric systems ‘g’ and ‘m/s2’. The menu is simply operated by three push-buttons and small OLED display.
The SV 110 is the perfect solution for calibration checks of hand-arm vibration meters including Svantek’s SV 103 and SV 106A. Following the requirements of ISO 8041, the calibrator’s built-in reference accelerometer measures the cross-axis (transverse) vibrations to detect any interference to the calibration signal. Faults caused by transverse vibrations are indicated by two LEDS on the calibrator’s housing. This unique solution ensures the stability of both the calibration level & frequency, independent from the mass of the test object.

The small size of the SV 110 makes it very useful for calibration checks of various types of machine vibration accelerometers. Depending on the selected frequency, the user can select the level of the calibration from 1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2. Accelerometers are conveniently attached using either a mounting stud, a mounting disc or a dedicated adapter. The calibrator has built-in rechargeable batteries that will power it for 12 hours of continuous operation.


  • Handheld vibration field calibrator
  • Built in rechargeable batteries
  • Enables easy checks of machine sensors and human vibration accelerometers
  • Easy to use in the field
  • In compliance with ISO 8041
  • Built in triaxial reference accelerometer
  • Powerful shaker enables calibration sensors with mass up to 300 g at 80 Hz
  • Operates on two frequencies: 80 Hz or 160 Hz
  • Simple user interface
  • Robust hardware with 3 year warranty

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