SV 106D Human Vibration Meter and Analyser (Hand Arm)

According to ISO 5349, hand-arm vibration should be measured in place, or at the point of contact with the hand
tool. The SV 106A uses dedicated MEMS sensors to measure vibrations on a tool handle or directly on a hand.



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HAVS is an occupational disease caused by hand-arm vibrations which occur in a form of vascular disorder characterized by low blood circulation in the fingers.

Hand-arm vibration occurs when one or both of the upper limbs is in contact with a vibrating surface (e.g.  power tools, steering wheels and levers to control vehicles). Changes in the human body resulting from contact with mechanical vibrations are recognized as an occupational disease called “vibration syndrome” (or “vibration disease”). The only effective way to avoid vibration disease is by prevention.

According to ISO 5349 and ISO 2631, human vibrational frequencies are measured using unweighted frequency spectra to identify the vibration sources. Once it is installed, the data logger stores the information about 1/3 octaves with configurable logging intervals.

The hand-arm vibration testing is based on the calculation of the daily exposure value normalized to an eight-hour reference period. This value is A(8), which is the square root of the sum of the squares (RMS) of the frequency-weighted acceleration values, determined on the orthogonal axes X, Y, Z defined in ISO 5349-1.

The SV 105B set with triaxial accelerometer enables hand-arm vibration measurements regardless of the type of evaluated tool.

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