Vibration Dosimetry Done Properly

Since we launched our SV 103 vibration dosimeter, the positive response we’ve had has been incredible. The SV 103 is the world’s first vibration dosimeter that accurately measures the vibration dose received by the operator rather than just measuring the vibration generated by the tool. It is also the first and only meter on the market that takes into account the grip/contact force which greatly reduces measurement uncertainty. 

This small, rugged instrument easily attaches to the user’s arm and the lightweight MEMS accelerometer straps to the hand and NOT the wrist. The instrument has an easily read colour OLED screen and all data can be quickly downloaded to a computer for analysis. 

There are two international standards that cover hand-arm vibration measurement. The first one, ISO 8041:2005, covers the instrument specification. The second, ISO 5349: 2001 Parts 1 & 2, is a procedural standard which advises you what equipment you need, what to measure and how to do the measurement. The SV 103 and its sensors are fully compliant with both of these standards.

Want to know more about the SV 103, or just need some help on HAV, get in touch!

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103 contact force

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