Meet the Brand New Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter From Svantek!

The SV 104BIS is the newest version of an intrinsically safe noise dosimeter (2022). Like its predecessor, it is a cable free dosimeter that is typically attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using the mounting clips supplied.

An intrinsically safe dosimeter is typically used in occupational noise measurements in areas such as mines and petrochemical plants, where it is necessary to secure intrinsic safety.  

The dosimeter comes with a three year warranty, along with a life-time warranty for the patented MEMS microphone.

The supervisor software which comes free with the dosimeter offers automatic noise dose calculation, sound pressure level logging, audio recording and octave ban frequency analysis.

Find out more about the SV 104BIS.

Occupational noise exposure is one of the most significant health and safety hazards at work. Excessive noise at work, as well as accidents owing to noise disruption and communication difficulties, are just a few of the consequences. View our range of noise dosimeters.

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