Health & Safety Instrumentation Hire

We are delighted to announce hiring health & safety instrumentation from AcSoft has never been easier!

We offer a wide range of instrumentation for hire to assist with personal air sampling, occupational noise and whole body and hand arm vibration monitoring

We understand that cost is often a major factor when choosing equipment, which is why we offer hire as an option. By hiring kit, it gives you access to the best equipment without the costs of ownership.

In our rental fleet we have our personal noise dosimeter the SV 104A. Distinguishing features of the dosimeter include a colour OLED display that can be easily read even in full daylight or in the dark. A user friendly interface which makes setting up and using the instrument easier than ever. Users can also choose from multiple setup files that can be configured through the included Supervisor software.  All measurement data is stored in the integral 8 GB memory which provides a vast amount of storage.  The SV 104A has a single large measurement range of 53 dB to 141 dB which enables measurement in all kinds of working environments.

The SV 103 hand arm vibration dosimeter significantly decreases the measurement uncertainty as the instrument is attached to the user’s arm and is small enough to take daily exposure measurements without interfering with normal working activities. The standard SV 103 kit includes personal vibration meter together with a detachable triaxial accelerometer SV107 with set of adapters for a hand mounting. The USB cable for the communication with PC software (license for PC software is included).

Class 2 SLM, the SV 973 is an invaluable took for occupational noise measurements, its sound exposure meter is capable of measuring up to 141 dB which ensures the capture of precise data in a variety of occupational noise environments.  The SV 973A is equipped with a MEMS microphone, particularly suited to occupational noise measurement applications, where sound meters must withstand demanding conditions. The simplicity of the SV 973A’s user interface, coupled with the dedicated PC software application, Supervisor, appeals to professionals who require a straightforward approach to managing noise data.

We are so confident in our hire prices for health & safety instrumentation, that’s why we provide complete transparency on costs. The below cost banding is based on a price per meter per week.

Contact us now to arrange a hire.

health & safety instrumentation hire rates

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health & safety instrumentation hire

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